Copping flak

VMware – stormy weather ahead.

VMware copping flak and stormy weather

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Our good friend Barb Darrow has served up a pretty good assessment of sentiments from some of the participants at the recent VMworld global partner event. VMware are facing a huge challenge, currently being subverted and disrupted from all angles, as many gargantuan corporations are similarly experiencing.

Whether being disrupted by Software Defined Networking (SDN) or cloud, VMware face challenges from all sides due to their size and in my opinion, a direct result of their own success. I’m not sure that demonising Amazon Web Services (AWS) is really an effective strategy from their CEO – Pat Gelsinger. No stranger to a corporate mud-slinging, he certainly fits the EMC corporate boys-club mould. He even gives it to OpenStack, did someone forget to tell him they’re part of the OpenStack Foundation and that VMware:

“…pledge strategic alignment to the OpenStack mission.. and are committed to OpenStack’s success?”

Maybe not.

I don’t really see the Public Cloud as a battle that VMware can possibly win. They’re reacting a bit late, AWS has had them in their sights for some time. Hard to beat an estimated higher than 120% Annual Growth rate. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, I say…


Focus on enabling successful business technology outcomes. I believe that Open wins over Closed and that a diverse eco-system is essential for interoperability to avoid vendor lock-in. This approach is essential for any enterprise considering hybrid cloud. Principal Solutions Architect ANZ at Nuage Networks

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