OpenStack Icehouse

RhB Ge 4-4 II Wiesener Viadukt

OpenStack Icehouse Release Due 17th April 2014

Here are the Icehouse Release Notes with Key New Features. Following is a summary of release highlights:

Neutron Networking: VPNaaS; FWaaS; NSX LBaaS; Cisco VPNaaS; OpenDaylight; One Convergence NVSD; NSX provided DHCP & metadata; NSW remote GW; Hyper-V Agent Security Groups; multitude of vendor ML2 plugins: Ryu, Brocade, Juniper, NSX, IBM, Bigswitch & Mellanox

Horizon Admin/User Dashboard: New Dashboard (Wireframe demo only) with dropdown menus, scope selection and breadcrumbs; nova live-migration; Plugin Architecture for python packages added dynamically; AngularJS module; create & update Heat stacks; daily usage across metrics; Cinder grow/expand/resize up volume; VPNaaS options including VPN Service, IKE Policy, IPSec Policy, IPSec Site Connection

Heat Orchestration: Docker resources; systemd interaction with heat services

Nova Compute: VMware vSphere API diagnostic details for VirtualMachine; XenServer HVM for linux guest; Docker container name

Cinder Block Storage: Full Backup/Recovery API; plugins for EMC, Lefthand, IBM

Celiometer Telemetry: network information collector from SDN; collect VMware vCenter Server data

As you can see, there is plenty of integration with VMware and other vendor products, proving that this is Open Source on a whole new level. It will also make your transformation and integration journey all the more easier!


Focus on enabling successful business technology outcomes. I believe that Open wins over Closed and that a diverse eco-system is essential for interoperability to avoid vendor lock-in. This approach is essential for any enterprise considering hybrid cloud. Principal Solutions Architect ANZ at Nuage Networks

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